TRANSPARENT HOUSE & N3 delivers for Samsung at CES 2018
Samsung DSA approached TH/N3 with a challenging ask: to produce a two-minute sizzle video for the 2018 CES show floor, that featured DSA components in six product use-case scenarios, all within a matter of a few weeks. TH/N3 rolled out the big guns and delivered with "Samsung Synergy", a sweeping animated video with eye-popping CGI that takes the viewer on a journey of scale - from vast City-scapes to the inner workings of circuit boards and sports cars - to find the "Samsung Inside". 

Sketches & WIP:

Agency of record: Transparent House, Inc. 
Executive producers: Denis Krylov / David Scott
Senior Producer: Kristoffer Ronngard
Senior Production Manager: Michael Shatilov
CG Production: N3 Design 
3d Modeling: Transparent House / N3 Design 
Music: Alexander Saloid
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